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Associates Membership Process

The Holy Cross Associates are a group of Christian women and men who fulfill their baptismal call by following the charism of the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross. Associates follow the Franciscan spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi and the founders, Father Theodosius and Mother Theresa Scherer, by responding to the needs of the time with mercy and compassion, yet always seeking ways to create possibilities for the future.
By meeting the need of the times we are drawn to working with the poor in areas around the country, and wherever needed; feeding the hungry; caring for our earth; and living out a commitment of prayer and simplicity. We support the many ministries of the Holy Cross Sisters and work together with them to accomplish works of mercy.

Co-directors Carol Mancl (l.) and S. Pam Hodgson

The process of becoming an associate of the Holy Cross Sisters begins with discernment and a two year formation program consisting of prayer and study with a local community of sisters and associates. If you feel drawn to this ministry, please contact Carol Mancl or S. Pam Hodgson for more information.